St. Patrick's Day Parade

Brandy was a Boardman graduate and an active member of her community. What better way to honor her life than to participate in the Mahoning Valley St. Patrick's Day Parade again this year? Last year the weather was great (I even got a sunburn!), the turnout was phenomenal, and the parade go-ers on the sideline were very supportive of us! The parade begins at 1:00 on Sunday, March 16th, and runs from McClurg Rd to Southwoods Pl, past Boardman High School.

A New Year

Brandy at Caribou Coffee

Hello, everyone. Today I am working on uploading the video from the funeral home to the website. I hope it helps you understand who Brandy was a little better.
Here's a picture of her at Caribou Coffee, in Boardman. It has since changed owners, but that was one of her hang outs!

Here is the video: Brandy Stevens-Rosine Photo Sequence.


The second defendant in the case has plead guilty!
On November 14th, 2013, Ashley Barber plead guilty to her part in the murder that took Brandy's life.
This is paramount to her family and friends, there will be no trial, no presentation of horrific evidence, and no more unnecessary stress.
Justice has been served, and I would like to thank the District Attorney, Francis Schultz and his team, especially Trooper Mallory, and Judge Stevens, everyone who helped make sure everything was done by the book.

Guilty Plea

The first of the two alleged suspects in the case have plead guilty. (On 10/31/2013)
I will link you to the article at
Huffington Post. I will warn you, please read with caution, it's not easy to read. Not glamorous, just one step closer to justice.


The trial date is set for the first person responsible for Brandy's death. Opening statements will take place on November 13th, and witnesses will begin testifying November 14th. Keep Brandy's family in your thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult time!