Brandy recorded the clip below one day just hanging out with her friend Rhi. The laughter. 🙂
Please note she sings a swear word at 2:34 when she’s trying to find rap music, so don’t let the kiddos listen that far!


Senior Picture

CANFIELD – Friends may call Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3:45 p.m., followed by a memorial service held at 4 p.m. at the Higgins-Reardon Funeral Home, Boardman-Canfield Chapel for Brandy M. Stevens-Rosine, 20, who died May 17, in Pennsylvania.

Brandy was born in Youngstown on Nov. 30, 1991.

She was a 2010 graduate of Boardman High School, she then enrolled in Youngstown State University to study sociology. While a student at Boardman, Brandy was a member of the orchestra, served on the staff of the “Bugle,” the high school paper and was a member of the Italian and Key clubs. Brandy loved music, writing and enjoyed reading. She regularly attended literary meetings at the Boardman Library.

She will always be remembered as a kind hearted, easy going person with many friends.

She is survived by her mother, Carrie Rosine and her companion, Kevin Gold of Hubbard; grandparents, Richard and Kathy Stevens of Poland and Cindee and Jerry Rosine of Boardman; a sister, Stephanie Rosine; three stepsisters, Lexi, Haley and Kylie Gold; an aunt, Brenda (AJ) Barrett; and nephews, Ethen and Dylan.

She was preceded in death by her father, Michael Rosine and great-grandmothers, Joann Chirns and Ada Harris.

The family has requested that material tributes take the form of donations to a memorial fund in her memory at Huntington Bank.

Professional arrangements are by the Higgins-Reardon Funeral Home, Boardman-Canfield Chapel.


Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, I would like to thank you for coming today. My name is Krysti. My family lived behind Brandy from the time she was in sixth grade through the time she moved in with her grandparents in highschool.

When I met Brandy, she possessed a teenage angst the size of a football stadium. And I loved that about her. Brandy never settled for anything less than she wanted. Brandy loved deeply and entirely. She was passionate, and had the ability to express her passion through words and actions. She once wrote, “We humans live for compassion. It is written in Darwin. In every known clinical research done, humans strive for that one hug from their mother or that one comforting word from a friend.”

Brandy shared that when she was a toddler, she would get time-outs for yelling at her mother from the backseat of the car to drive faster. This may have led to her receiving a go-kart as a child. She loved going to her cousins to go four-wheeling. ”I learned that it’s fun to ride in the rain,” she said, “That donuts aren’t good for the yard, and thorns are hard to remove. Not from my skin, but from my helmet.” She just wanted to go fast.

Her friends remember taking adventures with her. Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Vault, like Brandy needed energy drinks. They remember lying on the pavement staring at the stars with her. Holding her hand, taking walks, going to concerts. She fell in love with music, as she was a poet as well. She proudly claimed herself an orch-dork in highschool.  Brandy would play Mario Kart and DJ Hero all day if she could.  Brandy was as clever as a fox, and perhaps the most witty person I’ve known. She said once, “If it wasn’t for having to see other people naked, I’d live in a nudest colony.”

I was recently asked what Brandy does for a living. Well… Brandy is a comedian. She’ll pick you up with words. She’s a librarian, an encyclopedia of knowledge. Brandy is a therapist, a shoulder for all of her friends. She lived for helping others, for making other people feel comfortable, for love. Brandy is a musician. She is a spectrum of colors, a renaissance woman, if you will.

All Brandy wanted was to be herself in a world without prejudice, and I believe Brandy achieved that goal. Brandy was an inspiration to others to not fear who you are, but to embrace it.

And nothing of this has changed. Brandy is still all of these things. She’s just counting on us to activate our memories and keep her alive.  She shared 20 years with us, and now it is time to cherish those years.

Thank each and every one of you for coming today. Brandy would poop her pants to see the amount of support and love that keeps pouring her direction. Thank you.